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The campaign to renovate St. Joseph Church

Building More St. Joseph into St. Joseph

See how the architects envision the renovations at St. Joseph

The renovations planned for St. Joseph Church in the Journey of Grace 150 campaign will incorporate more images of St. Joseph throughout the sanctuary and new narthex area. These images will be incorporated into the new tile flooring in the sanctuary, where decorative tiles will appear within the widened center aisle. The devotional area with the St. Joseph statue inside the church will also be enhanced during the renovation (as will the devotional areas of the Sacred Heart and the Blessed Mother).

"St. Joseph Church has such a rich heritage and tradition," states Fr. Mike Hawken, Pastor. "We want the renovations to the church to reflect our parishioners' 150-year devotion to St. Joseph and the Holy Family."

Images of our patron saint will also be a theme that appears throughout new stained glass windows in the sanctuary, which will remind parishioners of the great role St. Joseph played in the Holy Family and as Patron of the Universal Church.

"St. Joseph Parish has a strong sense of community, a strong sense of prayer life, and a good school," observes Mike Shaughnessy, founding principal architect at SFS Architecture, the firm designing the St. Joseph Church and Parish Center renovations. "They were one of the first in the area to have adoration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

renovated sanctuary
The new center aisle will feature inlaid tiles
with representations of St. Joseph's life.

"At St. Joseph, we have a great opportunity to bring in some of the life events of St. Joseph and really emphasize that in the stained glass windows," Shaughnessy explains.

He sees the stained glass windows wrapping around the church as an opportunity to tell a story about the life of the church, and tie it to our namesake.

Despite the small number of references to St. Joseph's life in the Bible, there are many depictions of St. Joseph in art forms. Several St. Joseph statues are located throughout the church, parish center, school and EEC, including the statue shown above, located at the parish school. 

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