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The campaign to renovate St. Joseph Church

Church front

The most noticeable renovation of the St. Joseph Church Journey of Grace 150 campaign is surely the renovation to the front of the church, facing Johnson Drive. The new narthex/expanded vestibule area will extend beyond the current front walls of the church and extend north toward Johnson Drive. The expansive windows of the new narthex will tower 27-feet high at its tallest point and create a gleaming new facade that welcomes parishioners and visitors into the house of the Lord.

Inside the narthex, the giant glass windows will drench the new lobby in natural light, providing much needed brightening of the new gathering space in the lobby. Just as the narthex provides parishioners and guests with an open, welcoming feeling as they join us to celebrate Mass, the glass-front windows will be a beacon to the community -- on the high-traffic Johnson Drive -- that Christ is present here at St. Joseph.

The one-way driveway near the current front entrance will be removed and replaced with a beautiful new, flat walkway, entrance sign and landscaping. The entire front of the building will be at ground level, eliminating steps, and making it easier for transported parishioners to be dropped off at the new main entrance on the east. The new covered main entrance of the church will be accessible via King Street.