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The campaign to renovate St. Joseph Church

New worship space created in gym

Front entrance to gym

Gym transformed into worship space during Church renovations

On Tuesday, May 2, we began our maiden voyage of celebrating Mass in the gym, while our Church undergoes renovation. The people at Mass that morning were filled with compliments and gratitude about how the gym was transformed so beautifully into our temporary Church. Fr. Mike Hawken reflected on our first Mass in the gym:

Moving items from Church

"Celebrating Mass in our humble surroundings raised our awareness – 'Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in their midst,” as well as, our eyes and hearts being opened a little wider to meeting Christ “in the breaking of the bread.' Always good to remember what’s most important!"

More than 60 parishioners helped 'move' the Church contents to the gym. Volunteers carefully handled removal of blessed items from the altar. Others removed pews and transported them. 

After 50 years of daily Masses in our Church building, it's time to renovate it and prepare for future generations to better access and utilize our sanctuary and new fellowship areas. While the temporary displacement from the Church is slightly inconvenient, it is such a promising sign of the blessings to come.

Fr. Mike continued, "When we were finishing up at the gym and brought the Blessed Sacrament over, placed the Lord in the tabernacle, and lit the sanctuary light, the Lord spoke to me, “It’s going to be alright.” It was a great reminder of the Lord’s guiding and reassuring presence walking with us along this journey. Thank you, Lord!

Front entrance to gym 

Accessing our new worship space in the Gym
The front entrance to the gym, shown at left, has a drop-off lane and parking lots in front and to the north side of the building (along Johnson Drive). Parking spaces in front of the gym are to be used by seniors or those needing assistance. If you're able-bodied, please park in the lower lot behind the school building on the east side.

Wheelchair entry at rear of gym

There is a wheelchair/walker entrance and parking spaces reserved for those with disabilities directly behind the gym (shown in photo at right). Signs will indicate those parking spots. The rear lot can also be used to drop off folks that have difficulty walking. This entrance (accessible from the rear lot) will allow parishioners and guests to enter the gym on level ground with no stairs. 


Floor seating for Masses in the gym is plentiful



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