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The campaign to renovate St. Joseph Church

Renovations start from the top

The new Ciborium suspended from the ceiling over the altar features new lighting and a glorious stained glass window of the Holy Spirit.

The renovations inside St. Joseph Church start from the top. The refurbished ceiling now conceals new lighting and fire suppression systems. A stunning new Ciborium hangs over the altar, featuring a beautiful stained glass window of the Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, rising over the altar.

Concealed lighting system

For months, huge scaffolding systems were erected to install these improvements. Now, as the ceiling is restored, these artfully placed functional systems will disappear behind the dramatic impact of the Ciborium and perimeter lighting recessed in the ceiling design. 

The effect of the new lighting will be profound -- nearly six times brighter than the church lighting had been prior to the renovations. The lights will be dimmable and much more energy efficient.

Installation of stained glass windows begins 

Stained glass window installed in Church

The much-anticipated installation of new stained glass windows has begun inside the Church. We'll reveal more photos in the weeks ahead, but here's a sneak peek of one of the stunning new windows being installed in St. Joseph Church.  

Each window will tell a different story about St. Joseph in the life of the Holy Family, as well as significant events in the life of Jesus.

The window shown at right depicts the story of Joseph and Mary finding Jesus in the Temple.

See additional photos of the renovations here.

The Journey of Grace 150 Campaign to renovate the Church and Parish Center is nearing completion. An additional $500,000 is needed to complete the renovations. Please reflect on your blessings this holiday season and give according to your ability. There are a variety of ways to give -- online, by check, with a gift of stock, securities, property or even an IRA rollover distribution. Please learn more here or contact us directly.


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