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The campaign to renovate St. Joseph Church


The sanctuary renovation provides our worship space with better accessibility, more light, and an enhanced focal point for our Eucharistic celebrations, including:

New flooring, lighting and pews in the sanctuary.
Our worship space will be bright and comfortable, as well as easier to clean and maintain. Seating capacity remains at approx. 900.

New windows, doors and security features.
Beautiful new stained-glass windows will provide brighter light in the sanctuary and feature scenes of St. Joseph and the Holy Family.

Relocated choir section.
A new sound system, music area and instruments will provide better acoustics for our music ministry.

The renovated church altar

Altar design enhancements.
The altar will feature a new ambo for the proclamation of the Word of God. The ambo will be constructed with the beautiful red marble to match our distinctive altar table. The skylight feature will also be updated.

The renovation will also address much-needed functionality to bring the 50-year-old church building to modern building code standards. Essential safety features such as a fire sprinkler system in the church interior and energy-efficient lighting were important basics to address in the renovations. Learn more about the functional improvements of the renovated church and parish center buildings.

Special attention will be given to incorporating images of St. Joseph into the church renovations, to highlight the importance of our patron saint and the Patron of the Universal Church in our spiritual journey of grace.  See the architects video about the renovations.